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1.1 Introduction


Welcome to the What Is Networking, and Why Is It Important? module. We’re glad you’re here and hope you’re excited to get started. Before you begin the lessons, we want to give you an overview of what you can expect from this module.

For those working in professional services, likely, you’ve often heard that networking is an essential part of your career. It is presented as the “difference-maker” of those who excel to senior levels at a firm. So, what exactly is networking? Why is it so crucial to career success? Often, the lack of clarity around networking leads to a sense of unease around the idea of networking, preventing many individuals from networking as often as they should, or even at all. This module was created to set the record straight on what networking is and why it is vital to career success. A clear understanding of these two points will reframe your mindset and launch you on a successful networking journey.

Module Outline

  • Introduction
  • Networking Defined
  • Networking vs. Business Development
  • Why Is Networking Important?
  • Why You Should Be Networking
  • Your Mindset Matters
  • Taking Action: Reflecting on Networking
  • Recap

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Before Getting Started

Please take a moment to answer the questions below. We will ask similar questions later in the course to evaluate how your thoughts have evolved throughout the course. When you have completed your responses, please click the “Submit” button to complete this lesson.

How many years of professional experience do you have?(Required)
Very uncomfortableSomewhat uncomfortableSomewhat comfortableVery comfortable
No, not at allNo, not reallyYes, somewhatYes, absolutely
Why networking is important to your career success
Who you should be focused on meeting with
How to make new connections with people
What to talk about during networking
How you can leverage different types of networking activities
Not important at allNot that importantImportantExtremely important
Expanding your network
Being confident with networking
Strengthening your existing network
Building relationships effectively
Setting goals and staying accountable
Being consistent with networking
Being more efficient with networking
Having a strategic approach to networking