Networking Virtually

Virtual networking became mainstream quite literally overnight, and after it being the only method for communicating with others, many feel burnt out with virtual meetings. But virtual meetings are a critical tool in your networking arsenal to make you more efficient and effective. Learn more about why you should still be using virtual meetings and how to get the most out of them.


While virtual networking always existed, it did not become mainstream until the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, everyone was forced to use video chat as their primary mode of communication for business, networking and otherwise. Many quickly became burnt out and reduced the amount of meetings they were doing, but others saw it is an effective way to connect with a broader set of people across new geographies and to save time. While virtual networking lacks the human element and can feel less meaningful for some, learning to use it is as a tool in your networking arsenal will help you be more efficient and effective with networking. This course explores why virtual networking is still important and how to be successful in virtual meetings.

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  • 8 Lessons