Transform your team into successful networkers in just 60 days.

Learn how our Networking Bootcamp™ provides the knowledge, mentorship, and accountability necessary to develop your team and drive growth for your firm.


Networking Bootcamp™

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The Networking Bootcamp™ includes...


Your team will be guided through over 60 lessons with clear calls-to-action to apply their learning.


Your team will connect with a curated community of professional peers to learn, exchange ideas, and build relationships.


Monthly live sessions provide fresh learning content and facilitated networking events with professional peers.


Participants will develop a personalized action plan to keep them accountable and on track to their goals.


Monthly accountability-based sessions address your team's unique questions and challenges.


12 months of unlimited access to content, events, peer groups, and support ensures your team establishes long-term habits.

How our approach solves your firm's challenges

Much more than just a one-off workshop, the Networking Bootcamp™ is an investment in your people ensuring your team learns new skills and applies them over time to form new habits, while providing the mentorship and accountability your team needs to be successful.


High-caliber talent is critical to your firm's success. Establishing a culture of investing in your team to help them advance in their careers creates a desirable workplace where the best talent wants to work, but doing this properly is challenging.


The Networking Bootcamp™ provides your firm a way to help your team to advance their skillset and grow in their career.

Investing in your team members and communicating to them why you want to help them grow in their careers creates loyalty and makes your people feel valued.

Building a culture of fostering employee growth and investing in your team helps set your firm apart from others in the market.


Soft skills are the hardest to teach. Developing these skills requires shifting mindsets, a significant amount of practice from individuals, and personalized guidance and mentorship from senior leaders.


The Networking Bootcamp™ provides facilitated networking in a safe setting and calls-to-action that require practice in real-world settings to give your team the continuous practice they need to develop critical networking skills.

Our group coaching calls, on-demand support, and peer groups provide consistent support and mentorship to each participant and allow them to focus on their individual challenges.


Providing the amount of mentorship consistently needed to help your team learn and develop soft skills adds a considerable burden to more senior members of the team, who are already spread thin. 


The Networking Bootcamp™ is designed to backfill this mentorship gap and allow your senior team members to focus on other priorities.

Our system of ongoing check-ins and reminders keeps your team on track and accountable to their growth goals.

Our coaching sessions, on-demand support, and curated peer groups provide multiple avenues for your team to get the support they need to focus on their individual challenges.


A key to a successful training and development program is using high-quality, respectable materials that resonate with the audience. Sourcing or developing this content takes significant resources and specialized expertise, which many firms do not have.


The Networking Bootcamp™ was developed with feedback and input from hundreds of professional service providers, ensuring our premium content is highly relevant for your team.

We have done the hard work for you by aggregating key concepts and building detailed lessons to help your team learn networking best practices.

Our content is multidimensional (mix of video, audio, text, and graphics) to accommodate different learning styles and ensure your team stays engaged while learning.


Traditional training solutions typically offer static content delivered during fixed time blocks that are not convenient or flexible for your team members. This reduces the level of engagement from your team, rendering a low return on investment.


The Networking Bootcamp™ was designed specifically for professional service providers and has built-in flexibility and convenience to accommodate the demands of everchanging priorities and workloads.

Your team can learn and grow from anywhere at any time on any device, whenever learning is most convenient for them.

This approach minimizes disruptions to work responsibilities, allowing your team to balance their focus on work and learning.


Training your team members at scale with consistency is a challenge especially if you have 10s or 100s of employees, if your team members are geographically dispersed, or if your team members work in a hybrid environment.


The Networking Bootcamp™ is delivered through our tech-enabled growth platform, allowing us to deliver high-quality, consistent training and development for your team regardless of size or geography.

We can quickly onboard groups of 10 or 1,000+ and provide a cohesive, consistent learning experience for all.

Our ability to efficiently onboard new hires to the Networking Bootcamp™ creates a shared experience for all your team members regardless of start date.


Accountability is a crucial pillar of a successful training and development program, but staying on top of your entire team's progress can be a significant task.


Our data-driven platform brings transparency and accountability to talent development, so you know your investment isn't going to waste.

The Networking Bootcamp™ has built-in analytics capabilities, allowing us to provide progress and engagement reports so you always understand how your team is performing.

Interested in the Networking Bootcamp™ for your team?

The Networking Bootcamp™ will impact your team by...


Providing Clarity

Your team will gain a clear understanding of what networking is and why it is important.


Teaching Best Practices

Your team will learn best practices for networking success and relationship building.

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Instilling Confidence

Your team’s confidence level and comfort with networking will increase.

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Getting Them Started

Your team will jumpstart their networking efforts with facilitated virtual events.


Enhancing Their Network

Your team will boost their network size, diversity, and quality.

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Giving Direction

Your team members will develop a personalized action plan to build their network and stay accountable.

What your team will learn

What Is Networking & Why Is It Important?

We help your team debunk misconceptions about what networking is and reframe why networking is important.  We shift their mindsets on networking to something positive, which will help them stay more accountable and consistent in any networking activities they pursue.

Discovering Your Networking Why

The benefits of networking are plentiful and range from exposure to more career opportunities to experiencing personal fulfillment. By exploring these and other benefits of networking and seeing the many ways these benefits can help your team specifically, they will develop their own rationale for why networking is important to them. This is the foundation that will direct their networking efforts and strategy into the future.

Getting Started With Networking

We get your team started on their networking journey. Often, the biggest roadblock to networking is the inherent anxiety associated with networking. We discuss how to overcome that anxiety and how to get started networking in a more comfortable settings until they feel ready to work on expanding their network on a broader scale.

Making New Connections

We get your team out of their comfort zone and find ways to expand their network by connecting with the right people. Ranging from traditional and virtual networking events to meeting people in totally unexpected ways, we explore the strategies your team can use to build their network.

How to Be Conversational

One of the biggest challenges with networking is knowing what to talk about, especially when meeting with a variety of different people. Too often, people believe they need to impress others or show off their knowledge, creating undue pressure. In reality, we are all human, and connecting with others in conversation is much simpler than many think. 

Navigating Networking Meetings

The best way to build a deeper relationship with someone is to meet in person and spend time engaging with that person. Getting the most out of that interaction and leaving the other person feeling like they want to continue building a relationship is not as simple as showing up and having a conversation. These best practices will help your team build relationships more effectively and consistently and will help your team leave a good impression on others.

Navigating Networking Events

Networking events are loved by some and hated by others. But there is a place for networking events in everyone’s networking plan. They are typically the most efficient way to expand your team’s network by allowing them to meet many new people in a short amount of time. Learning to leverage these events effectively is a critical skillset for being a great networker. This course explores the importance of networking events as well as how to prepare for them, engage at them, and follow up with those that your team met to continue building relationships.

Networking Virtually

While virtual networking lacks the full human element and can feel less meaningful for some, learning to use it is as a tool in your team’s networking arsenal will help your team be more efficient and effective with networking. It is an effective way to connect with a broader set of people across new geographies and can save your team lots of time. This course explores why virtual networking is so important and how to be successful in virtual meetings.

Who is the Networking Bootcamp™ for?

The Networking Bootcamp™ was purpose-built to help accountants, lawyers, and other consulting services get started with and excel at networking.


Investment Banking

Legal Services


Commercial Banking

Real Estate

Wealth Advisory

Risk Management

Private Equity


If your team members have any of the following challenges, the Networking Bootcamp can help.

Know networking is important, but don't know where to start

Struggle to understand why networking even matters

Want to network, but struggle with accountability

Have anxiety or nervousness with networking

Need mentorship, but senior leaders have limited time

Don't know what to talk about during networking activities

What past participants are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with teams of 25 to 1,000+. If your team is smaller than 25, we offer an open-enrollment program that your team can join. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

On average, participants invest 3 to 5 hours per month to complete the Network Bootcamp™ program. In addition, they strive to spend between 5 to 10 hours per month engaging in professional networking outside of the program.

Traditional talent development is typically delivered as a fixed set of content during work hours. Once the content (workshop, speaker, off-site, etc.) is over, there is usually little follow-up or accountability. Moreover, participants are often not engaged during the scheduled sessions due to outside distractions, such as client demands. Our proprietary platform allows every individual to focus on the most relevant content at a time that is convenient for them. We focus on consistent, long-term growth, helping participants continuously learn rather than focusing on professional development once a quarter or a few times a year.

Furthermore, most programs are not designed specifically for professional service providers and lack the proper point of view to address the nuances of this ecosystem. Our program was developed with feedback and input from hundreds of leading professional service providers, ensuring our content is highly relevant to your team’s career development.

Other questions?

Get started with the Networking Bootcamp™ for your team


Self-Driven Program
$ 997 per person
  • Networking Bootcamp™ course content
  • Calls-to-action to drive performance
  • Curated community group
  • Personalized networking plan
  • 12 months of check-ins & support
  • 12 months of access to platform & content


+ Live Sessions & Group Coaching
$ 1,997 per person
  • Networking Bootcamp™ course content
  • Calls-to-action to drive performance
  • Curated community group
  • Personalized networking plan
  • 12 months of check-ins & support
  • 12 months of access to platform & content
  • Monthly facilitated networking sessions
  • Monthly group coaching sessions


+ Live Sessions & Individual Coaching
Pricing dependent on coaching needs. Contact us for pricing.
  • Networking Bootcamp™ course content
  • Calls-to-action to drive performance
  • Curated community group
  • Personalized networking plan
  • 12 months of check-ins & support
  • 12 months of access to platform & content
  • Monthly facilitated networking sessions
  • Customizable individual coaching