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Networking Growth Learning Modules

Understand Why Your Network Matters

Debunk misconceptions about what networking is and reframe why networking is important.  Shift your mindset on networking to something positive, which will help you stay more accountable and consistent in any networking activities you pursue.

Discover Your Networking Why

The benefits of networking are plentiful and range from exposure to more career opportunities to experiencing personal fulfillment. By exploring these and other benefits of networking and seeing the many ways these benefits can help you specifically, you will develop your own rationale for why networking is important to you. This is the foundation that will direct your networking efforts and strategy into the future.

Get Started With Networking

Get started on your networking journey. Often, the biggest roadblock to networking is the inherent anxiety associated with networking. We discuss how to overcome that anxiety and how to get started networking in a more comfortable settings until you feel ready to work on expanding your network on a broader scale.

Make New Connections

Get out of your comfort zone and find ways to expand your network by connecting with the right people. Ranging from traditional and virtual networking events to meeting people in totally unexpected ways, we explore the strategies you can use to build your network.

Be More Conversational

One of the biggest challenges with networking is knowing what to talk about, especially when you meet with a variety of different people. Too often, people believe they need to impress the other person or show off their knowledge, creating undue pressure. In reality, we are all human, and connecting with others in conversation is much simpler than many think. 

Navigate Networking Meetings

The best way to build a deeper relationship with someone is to meet in person and spend time engaging with that person. Getting the most out of that interaction and leaving the other person feeling like they want to continue building a relationship with you is not as simple as showing up and having a conversation. These best practices will help you build relationships more effectively and consistently and will help you leave a good impression on others.

Navigate Networking Events

Networking events are loved by some and hated by others. But there is a place for networking events in everyone’s networking plan. They are typically the most efficient way to expand your network by allowing you to meet many new people in a short amount of time. Learning to leverage these events effectively is a critical skillset for being a great networker. This course explores the importance of networking events as well as how to prepare for them, engage at them, and follow up with those that you met to continue building relationships.

Master Virtual Networking

While virtual networking lacks the full human element and can feel less meaningful for some, learning to use it is as a tool in your networking arsenal will help you be more efficient and effective with networking. It is an effective way to connect with a broader set of people across new geographies and can save you lots of time. This course explores why virtual networking is so important and how to be successful in virtual meetings.

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Business Development Growth Modules

Business Development Fundamentals

What exactly does “Business Development” mean in the context of a middle-market professional? This module is designed to help clarify the difference between networking and BD, create a clear understanding of what BD is, and set the foundation to ensure your long-term BD success.

Where Great Opportunities Come From

Where do really great business opportunities come from? This module will provide a clear understanding of what professionals “sell” and the factors that contribute to developing great business opportunities.

Discovering Your Individual Strengths

When it comes to BD success, we all have individual strengths. This module will help you discover your strengths and provide a framework to approach BD by leaning into the most effective style for you while ensuring you remain dynamic to meet the many needs of clients and prospects.

Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition

How do you add value for your clients, and what makes you different from everyone offering a similar service? This module will help you clearly identify your unique value proposition, making it easier to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Understanding Client Needs

Successfully developing business opportunities hinges on your ability to understand the needs of your clients and prospects. This module aims to provide a deeper understanding of client needs and how to position yourself as the best provider for their specific needs.

Mapping Out Your Ecosystem

The best business developers have a clear understanding of their opportunities ecosystem and the inter-relations between current clients, prospects, centers of influence, and other professional relationships. This module provides a framework to help you map out this interconnectivity and leverage it to generate more opportunities.

Leveraging Your Existing Relationships

You already have a set of existing professional relationships that can serve as the foundation for your BD efforts. This module provides insights on how to maximize these existing relationships to create a win-win situation, which will help you generate more business opportunities.

Expanding Your Sphere of Influence

The most successful business generators have a large sphere of influence within their respective business communities. This module will enhance your personal brand awareness and increase your influence with clients, prospects, and referral sources.

Generating More Referrals

The best way to generate more business opportunities is to have a strong network of Centers of Influence (COIs) who rely on you as a trusted advisor. This module provides strategies and tactics to help you increase your COI network and generate more referrals.

Establishing Habits for Success

Long-term business development success is rooted in establishing and maintaining a series of proven habits that drive opportunities. This module will lay out these habits and help you determine how to implement them in your professional life.

Creating Personal Accountability

Remaining focused is only possible with a strong sense of accountability. In this module, you will learn how to rely on external accountability and best practices to establish personal accountability and reach your goals.

Removing Barriers to Your Success

Often, one of the most challenging aspects of business development is eliminating barriers that hold you back from reaching your goals. This module provides tactics to identify and remove current and future barriers to your BD success.

Setting Goals & Measuring Your Progress

Science shows us that when you consistently set appropriate goals and measure your progress, you are far more likely to remain focused and reach your targets. This module will provide a framework for goal setting and best practices for measuring your success.

Remaining Resilient Over Time

There are no easy shortcuts to success in business development; rather, it requires a long-term mindset and continued focus over your career. This module identifies critical aspects of remaining resilient over the long run and how you can embrace these approaches.

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Your coach will check in with you each week to ensure you are on track with your BD

1:1 Coaching

BD Coaching

Meet with your BD coach every other week to discuss your unique challenges & opportunities

Monthly Activity Planning

Monthly Activity Planning

Meet with your coach every month to plan for your upcoming BD activity

Quarterly BD
Strategy Session

Quarterly BD
Strategy Session

Every quarter you and your coach will strategize on client development opportunities

Action Plan

Action Plan

Your coach will help you establish clear next steps to advance your BD efforts



Your coach will create personalized challenges each month to keep you consistent and focused on your BD

Tailored Growth Journey

Tailored Growth Journey

You will be guided through our BD modules focusing on your specific needs

Peer Group

Peer Group

Your coach will pair you with a group of like-minded professionals to help you ignite your growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which professional development program is right for me?

The Networking Bootcamp is designed to help CPAs, Lawyers, and other consultants jumpstart their professional networking and build the foundation for future business development success.

If you already have a network but want to increase your influence to develop more opportunities, check out the Business Development Accelerator. For professionals with an established book of business, the Business Development Ignitor will create exponential growth and help you narrow in on where you drive the most value.

How are Connection Builders’ programs different than other training?

Our professional growth philosophy focuses on helping participants achieve transformational change. We believe that when the right mindsets are embraced and behaviors shift to align with them, we can unlock our growth potential. To do this, we bring clarity to the desired outcome and encourage consistent actions that lead to the winning result. Click here to learn more about our approach.

Do you offer discounts or financial assistance?

Yes, in select cases, we will offer discounts to college and university students, those in a job transition, or when a financial need arises. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

If you are currently employed, we recommend that you consider checking with your company to see if they may be able to help offset the cost. For more information on how to ask for financial assistance for a professional development program, check out this link.

Do you offer professional development programs for teams?

Yes. All of our career development programs are powered by our Growth Platform, designed to scale across teams & organizations, regardless of size or geography.

We typically offer discounts starting at groups of 15 or more. For organizations that want to invest in their people and transform their professional development, check out our Firm Solutions.

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.


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